Wednesday, June 13, 2012

goodnight, stars (day 2): quality people

as I announced yesterday, I will be closing down stars like rain this coming friday and offering up a new site that I've been working on that I feel represents me better.

on a whole, I will be striving for something more in line with minimalism: "a style of art in which the least possible amount of form shapes, colors, or lines are used to reduce the concept or idea to its simplest form (geometric shapes, progressions)." with regard to words and writing (or acting), I will again pull out the wise advice of john wayne: "talk low, talk slow, and don't talk too much."

this, I feel works for me. but, what I'd like to do today is highlight just a handful of  people and blogs out there in the writing- and reading-related internet world that I feel are particularly good at offering criticism and entertainment, or compiling or commenting or being generally helpful.

my girls at ya highway have a talent for wading through a lot of white noise and presenting their followers with good, honest, essential information. kate hart was also my very first ya internet friend, and she's so smart I sometimes think she's a robot designed to conquer us all.

in what can be a mighty self-serving blog world, tracey neithercott (through her blog words on paper) has a great knack for bringing people together and making them feel a part of something creative and grand. recently her followers created a collaborative short story which rules.

I think I came across the rejectionist after googling something having to do with grunge music, but I stayed because of her relatable, sometimes crazed and bittersweet ways, encyclopedic brain, and enthusiasm for a life well lived, smart things and people (and grunge music).

whenever phoebe north posts a review of a book, I read it. she's s sensitive reader, a lover of well-executed stories, and never blows smoke. in that way she's like the public television of book reviewers.

there are many, many other smart, lovely, and helpful people out there, but these are the folks I look to most in cyberspace.

see you tomorrow -- we will talk about ghosts.


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(I say everyone love Sam with their whole hearts like I do.)

eta: oh shit, the word verification specifically wants me to prove I'm NOT a robot. here goes nothing.

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